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Video Premiere: Skybound

DARK SKIES ASSOCIATION, among many others, enjoy the long dark nights ahead by lifting our eyes to gaze the star filled sky. Today it is 410 years ago the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe died in Prague. And although Brahe himself was an important scientist, leaving the world with his countless and at that time most accurate observations of the planetary motions, it is the life and deed by his assistant we would like to commemorate by presenting the first video from the upcoming album, Skybound, A homage to Johannes Kepler. Please note that it (like most our videos) contains some copyright infringement and due to this an incorrect music link is posted in the right corner (who is Gabriele Bellini anyway?), it also features advertisement which is out of our control since it’s a choice made by the copyright holder. None the less, enjoy the song and video by following this link.

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