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Molly Nilsson – The Travels

Released June 21st 2013. Jewelcase CD in carton slipcase, booklet with lyrics. 12 tracks including Dear Life, Dirty Fingers, The Power Ballad, Worlds Apart, City, Dirty Fingers, Going Places, Kumla and more.

1. Worlds Apart
2. Philadelphia
3. Dirty Fingers
4. The Power Ballad
5. Atlantic Tales
6. Omega
7. Dear Life
8. Going Places
9. City
10. Ten New Lives
11. Kumla
12. Out There


“Hers are perfect nostalgic pop songs that achieve a level of universality in their evocations of heartbreak, ecstasy, and melancholic optimism. On her fifth full-length album, the prolific Nilsson sets out on an exploratory journey in search of the possibility of renewal.” thegirlsare 5/5

€ 10