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Molly Nilsson – History

Released December 2011. CD-R with 11 tracks, including Skybound, City of Atlantis, Hotel Home, I hope you die, The Clocks, In Real Life and more.
  1. In Real Life
  2. You Always Hurt The One You Love
  3. I Hope You Die
  4. The Bottles of Tomorrow
  5. Hiroshima Street
  6. Intermezzo: The Party
  7. Hotel Home
  8. City of Atlantis
  9. QWERTY (censored version)
  10. The Clocks
  11. Skybound

History, her fourth full-length, is an 11-track collection of power ballads and off-kilter dance-pop, carried by the commanding, almost Nico-like ominousness of her voice. Synthetic, darkly romantic, and full of grandiose swells, her songs are likely to sound self-consciously 1980s without reminding you of any artist in particular.” Pitchfork 7.0