Molly Nilsson

Short sleeve white unisex Earthpositive cotton T-shirt, black silk screen print.

Obnoxiously Talented

Obnoxiously talented,
and ready to die
Abandon your dreams now
and forever wonder why

Like something fallen from the sky,
just enough to get you by
Don’t even bother don’t even try
oh I’ll come around and I’ll make you cry

Giving up’s too easy and you know it
You’ll need a better reason when you finally blow it

Inside you laughter like a scream
a violent death in your wildest dream
I don’t even find it that extreme, now
with everything going on
What on Earth could go wrong?
We’ll have our chance and then it’s gone
Not always easy just holding on
When you dream, I dream along

Triumph will be fleeting and you know it
If you’re up for the fight then get ready to show it

They’ll praise your efforts, they’ll call you slurs
a rebel, a master, an amateur
Merely with your own existence
you already offer your resistance

Oh I know it’s a rotten deal,
and I know just how you feel
Don’t turn around, I’ll take the wheel
it’s not a dream if we make it real

Don’t die with sigh
Let’s go with a battle cry
Heaven forbid you’d ever give in
We still have a world to win
A world to win