Dear Friends and Fans. The physical EXTREME LP and CD has been delayed once again :( We are now expecting to begin shipping by May 10th. We are very disappointed by this ourselves and apologize for the inconvenience of this long wait. Thank you for your support and patience! best regards, Molly Nilsson

Obnoxiously Talented…

…and ready to die

Pippi, played by Molly Nilsson, is a young woman daydreaming her life away. Despite her obsession with luxury and money, she finds work and societal commitments boring. Living off the wealth accumulated by her absent father, a sea-faring colonial explorer, she spends her time indulging in nocturnal fantasies together with her two inanimate companions, a headless torso and a hedonistic skeleton. In Obnoxiously Talented we spend a day in the life of the three friends, freed from the shackles of convention and order.

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