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Field Day 2016


Finally: Zenith LP starts shipping tomorrow!

Black LP

white LP

Visit our shop to place your order.

USA Tour cancelled! :(


We’re as sad as you are…

Introducing: Zenith

Zenith CD



Check out the 2nd video and single from upcoming album Zenith, 1995. Video by Chris Filippini and Molly Nilsson. Watch the video here: Youtube

Video Premiere: Lovers Are Losers

Lovers Are Losers

Check out the first video and single from upcoming album Zenith, the solarized ballad Lovers Are Losers. Video by genious artist couple Graw Böckler. Watch the video on youtube:

New album: Zenith


DARK SKIES ASSOCOCIATION and NIGHT SCHOOL RECORDS are proud to present you with the latest addition to our family, a 13 song diamond called Zenith. In celebration of its birth we cordially invite you to the release party show in Berghain Berlin on September 15th.

Breaking News: North American Tour 2015 with TOPS


All dates and cities to be continued…

UPDATE: Old promises and new ones

Torstrassen festival

Ok, so obviously end of May is already here. And as we promised earlier this year to have the new Molly Nilsson album out by now it’s time to break the silence. So… The album has been a liiittle bit delayed, which means it will be out and ready for your ears and hearts in August… 2018.

NOOOO just kidding. 2015. TWO-THOUSAND-AND-FIFTEEN. But do not despair dear friends, the waiting has made it all the better. Like a bottle of pink champagne. Or an evasive lover. Meanwhile we will sporadically drop songs on videos over the web throughout the (so called) summer to remind you that we still love you. That was all for know. Peace.

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