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For all of the autumn of 2011, the planet Jupiter has been in backwards motion in Taurus causing all kinds of bankruptcies and personal hardships. By the first day of 2012, the planet Jupiter will have been in forward motion a week, allowing most people to become more grounded financially.
For small independent record labels this could mean more shows for the signed artists (for example Molly Nilsson), which may even result in a European tour and later on in the year a US-tour. A wonderful time for all of humanity will be when Jupiter enters the sign of Gemini on June 6th and brings fantastic financial news for everybody but especially for communications, media and independent record labels. This will be a good time to release a new album.

Horoscope in 2012 has the DARK SKIES ASSOCIATION filled with activity on the home and the work front. Changes that began to occur in 2011 now require planned actions. Continue with important assignments, and conduct in a manner of caution and precision.
Focus on your close bonds and cherish them, as this is the best way to enhance the year.

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