After more than a year of slumber SILVER has awoken from a deep tape sleep. This Greatest Hits Compilation was originally released as a Christmas Special 2010, containing 10 evergreens from Molly Nilsson’s first 3 albums and also 2 previously unreleased tracks. This release is limited to an edition of 100 copies, all handnumbered by the artist herself (as always). When we first brought it out we had to spend long nights awake listening to the same tracks over and over again, drinking out of bottles, whilst recording over used cassettes purchased from thriftshops. Although this may sound like fun (we thought so too to begin with) it soon got tiring and the production was put on ice after only a dozen copies had been made.

Until now. Thanks to machines, located somewhere on the British Isles who did the work for us. This second round of SILVER is the same as the first in the regard of content and edition but since they are professionally recorded and printed they will actually play at the right speed. (This may be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your approach to music as a commodity).  Please note that this release is made on cassette only.

Side A Silver, When Boys Don’t Call, 8000 days, The Lonely, We’re Never Coming Home, Won’t Somebody Take Me Out Tonight
Side B Europa, More Certain than Death, In the Mood for a Tattoo, Last Forever, Truth, A Song They Won’t Be Playing on the Radio.


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